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The AMIV culture branch brings you more than 30 events every semester: from legendary happenings such as our Sushi-Night, AMIVondue to Lasertag, theatre visits and speed dating, there is something for everyone!

Do you have a brilliant idea for a new event that we missed and should be holding? Or would you like to help us organise an event? Send us an email or drop by the AMIV offices and join the AMIV culture branch!



The student representation team at D-MAVT represent the interests of the students, and participates in the committees on departmental level. These are the Departmental Conference, the Unterrichtskommission, and the Notenkonferenz. The team consists of students from each year of study and is the primary point of contact for both students and the department.

The team meets regularly to discuss and resolve requests and problems. Furthermore, the team organises Examination Preperation Courses, and works on improving the degrees offered at the Department as well as the study conditions.


The task of the student representation team at D-ITET is to represent its students with respects to Professors and the Department. This means, among others, contributing in teaching commission and department conference but also organizing information events for students.

Are you interested in how teaching is organized at D-ITET? Do you want to bring in your ideas and opinions on current questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

IT Team

Webapps, Websites and beer dispenser are just a few things the AMIV IT provides.

Programming applications and managing linux servers are the major tasks the IT team does. We are always looking for motivated people. No advanced skills are needed.

Do you want to learn more?

Send us an email or drop by the AMIV office.

ER Team

ER Team

The External Relation team is doing the link between the AMIV and the industry world. Our main activities are to organise excursion to the companies, industry talks, etc. One of the major aspects of the ER is to find sponsors to lower the price of the events.

If you are interested in being in touch with companies and do some networking or if you have a brilliant idea to get more sponsors for the event, do not hesitate to write us.



The eletronics laboratory is open for UZH and ETH students offering material and workspaces to make your projects and build your ideas.

We are happy to help you. No prior knowledge is needed. The main thing is that you enjoy building things.

The opening hours for our electronic components shop can be found on our website.

We are always looking for people. If you want to learn more, just drop by the workshop or write us an email.


The amiv commission named blitz publishes the magazine of the student’s association of the same name every second week. Therein you find interesting articles about current events, information around mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, riddles and much more.

We are always looking for students who write articles, create riddles, help distribute the blitz or help otherwise. You can contribute one-time, in irregular time intervals or join our team. Do you feel appealed to? Write us an email to Weare looking forward to getting to know you!


The brewing commission supplies the AMIV with handcrafted beers. From grains to bottling we perform all process steps right here in the CAB building.

Over the years we evolved from kitchen equipment on gas flames into a proper microbrewery with an half automated set up. We brew on a Speidel Braumeister 200 approximately twice a month.

If you want to know more about us or feel thirsty for some really good beer drop in on the next brewing event or write us a mail!

Irrational Co.

Irrational Coffee is an AMIV commission dedicated to spreading alternative coffee culture. If you are interested in learning more about different coffee beans, processing techniques, brewing methods, or anything coffee-related, then this is the place for you!

You can find our stand on Tuesday 12:30-14:00 in the CAB courtyard where you can taste different coffees and cascara tea.

If Espresso is more your thing visit us on Thursday 12:15-13:45 in the VELOVE repair shop on Hönggerberg.

Irrational Coffee also organizes coffee workshops and other coffee-related events, such as trips and coffee «pub crawls».


EESTEC is the Electrical Engineering STudents’ assoCiation and spans over 50 different cities! Being both a commision of AMIV and a branch of EESTEC International, LC Zurich not only organizes shorter local events but also week-long international events!

Do you want to travel, meet people from different cultures, and improve yourself - while keeping everything on a low cost? Or do you want to help organize memorable events here in Zurich while having the time of your life? Write an email, check out our website, or simply drop by ;)


The Funkbude is operating the radio shack on the roof of the ETZ building, which is well equipped. This allows us to support almost all modulation schemes, from CW through SSB and the digital formats. We also work on interesting projects in the domain of wireless communication. To prepare you for the HB9 amateur radio exam, the Funkbude is providing an interesting course every autumn semester. We are open to all members and alumni of ETH.


We Ladies in Mechanical and Electrical Studies are the women’s committee of the AMIV. We organize different events to connect female students of ITET and MAVT and to network with industry partners.

Our events are mainly addressed to female AMIV fellows. New Ladies in our main board are besides always welcome. But at our talk events, we are also always happy about male AMIV participants.

...because engineering knows no limits!


The Kontakt comission is responsible for organising all aspects of the annual AMIV Kontakt job fair.

Contact with companies, catering, PR, controlling, the responsibilities are varied, and everybody can find his/her place.


The Randomdudes form one of the more special commissions the amiv incorporates. Its main duties are sustaining knowledge within the amiv and to ensure the ridiculously generous opening hours of the amiv office. Most of our members are former board members and other friends of the gondola, which we care for and continuously improve.

We also organize many events that make studying a little easier and especially more fun.


Making the world a prettier place since 2016 - the AMIV's very own in-house design team is tasked with creating better looking posters, flyers & infoscreens, lit merchandise and stickers you will keep forever. If you enjoy the creative side of life, and are looking to learn or apply some editing skills then hit us up with an e-mail.

Once a semester we host a Photoshop-battle, inviting everyone who wants to put their Photoshop/GIMP/Affinity/Paint skills to the test in a laidback atmosphere.

Most of our work can be found by scrolling through the AMIV event page.


szene3 is amiv's theater group. We rely on the creative minds of our members: we do the directing, acting, make-up, stage design and everything else that goes with a theater production ourselves.

The plays we play are primarily comedies with depth. We stage close to the text and give great importance to giving the actors the greatest possible creative freedom. In past projects we have worked on pieces by Wilde, Dürrenmatt and Horváth.

At the beginning of the fall semester, we start a new project and are always looking for committed students who are interested in acting and would like to participate. We meet once a week in the theater at Irchel University to rehearse and we perform in spring. The plays are all in german.


The Energy Master Chill Club is a student-run AMIV commission bringing together energy students across different years through all types of events (Fondue Night, BBQ, Ski Weekend, etc.).

Our events are not just for MEST students, we encourage any and all students to join us!



The Biomedical Engineering Student Association at ETH Zurich is a social group with members mostly studying in or graduated from Biomedical Engineering MSc. program. Our aim is to bring together young engineers in their studies and help maintain the crucial balance between work life and leisure.

However, just as our academic program, we are open to students from various backgrounds. If you are interested in biomedical research AND having fun, follow us!



The Micro- and Nanosystems (MNS) Commission brings together people interested in Microsystems and Nanotechnology by organizing events for prospective, current and former students and researchers at any level (BSc, MSc, PhD, postdoc…), as well as faculty members. During our events (e.g. dinners, apéros) you can learn about the Micro- and Nanosystems specialization (lectures, exams, research, internships) and perhaps find your supervisor/student for a bachelor, semester and master thesis. You will probably get a more realistic impression of the personality of your supervisor/student after a few drinks at the CLA rooftop than through a 10-minute office meeting or by scrolling through a research group’s website. If that sounds useful, or you just want to chat with your classmates over a pizza, do not hesitate to drop us a short email and we will put you on the mailing list for our upcoming events!


The Quantum Engineering Comission (QEC) is the student association of the Quantum Engineering students. Its goals are the following:

  1. Improving the cohesion inside the Quantum Engineering Master program by organizing social events. Our football team represents our master in the ASVZ tournament. Weekly events are organized to keep people in touch (even during the confinement).
  2. Give students a sense of belonging: the quantum community in Switzerland is growing: let’s all be part of it!
  3. Getting students into the field of Quantum Engineering through technical events such as the Paper Club and events with the Industry in the future.
  4. Supporting students in their studies.

We are a fun, driven and a little crazy group of people!